Distributed Cryptography

Sign Documents and Data Remotely


The Distributed Cryptography add-on allows you to sign server-located documents and data using clients' X.509 certificates without sending the data to the client or transferring the certificate's private key to the server. The add-on can also be used to authenticate the client with the certificate, stored on the client side, with custom server-side validation.

If you have a Web application, this is accomplished by placing a client-side browser module on the Web page. If you have a Desktop application or Mobile app, SecureBlackbox provides classes and components for the client side as well. Client-side modules and classes perform the cryptographic operation using certificates located on the client computer without transferring the private key to the server. Server-side data is not sent to the client - only a hash of the data is sent for signing.

Distributed Cryptography is available as an add-on to SecureBlackbox and is priced by quote. Please submit a quote request and a representative will respond as soon as possible.