Add SAML Authentication to Your Applications

  • Supported Platforms

  • .NET.NET

    Pure managed and integrated components, carefully optimized to achieve maximum performance comparable to native processor code. The .NET edition can be used on .NET and Mono Server and Desktop platforms, in ASP.NET applications, and on Mobile Devices.

  • .NETJava

    Highly integrated Java security library including numerous classes to enable support for a wide range of application-level protocols, security algorithms, and standards. You can use Java security libraries to develop software for desktop and server platforms, mobile devices, and Web applications.

  • .NETC++

    A shared library (.dll on Windows and .so on Linux / macOS) and set of C++ classes. Used in C++ applications for Windows, Linux, macOS, and iOS platforms. Supported compilers include Visual C++, MinGW, gcc, and Xcode.


    Highly integrated and blazingly fast native Delphi (Pascal) components for building native Windows, Linux, and macOS applications. All components are native Delphi, have no third-party binaries or references, and no reliance on Windows CryptoAPI. Also includes Delphi components for building Android and iOS apps.


    Integrated components for PHP scripts running on Linux and Windows servers.

SAMLBlackbox supports everything you need to implement SAML-based authentication in your applications

SAML is an XML-based open standard that developers use to exchange authentication and authorization data between a server that offers some functionality ("service provider", SP) to a client ("principal") and the service that holds authentication data ("identity provider", "IdP"). SAMLBlackbox helps you use SAML in client applications that need to use service providers, or when you create your own service or identity provider. The SAML protocol relies heavily on various security technologies and internet protocols, such as XMLEnc (XML Encryption), HTTPS, and SOAP.

Full Feature List

  • SAML 2.0 support
  • Create Identity Providers (IdP)
  • Create Service Providers (SP)
  • Support for Service Provider and Identity Provider- initiated authentication
  • Password, X.509 certificate, and IP-based authentication methods supported
  • Profiles: Web browser SSO, Single logout, and Artifact resolution
  • Bindings: Redirect, POST, Artifact, SOAP, and PAOS
  • Assertions: plain XML, signed, and encrypted
  • SAML metadata: generation, parsing, and components auto-configuration
  • Create custom assertions and SAML requests
  • Compatibility with various SAML servers including Google Apps, SimpleSAMLPHP, and Shibboleth
  • Built-in TCP socket with support for SOCKS and HTTP CONNECT (Web tunneling) proxies with various authentication mechanisms
  • Bandwidth control to avoid overloading of slow networks
  • IPv6 and International Domain Names (IDN) support for maximum network connectivity
  • Support for custom DNS servers and DNSSEC for even more security and network stability
  • The ability to use application-provided low-level transports allows you to perform communication over any carrier and not just TCP sockets
  • Port knocking support for advanced security