What's Coming

2017 was a fantastic year for SecureBlackbox. The orginal SecureBlackbox engineering team has been working closely with the /n software team and that collaboration produced SecureBlackbox 16. Highlights of the latest release include support for leading-edge technologies such as Security Keys, PIV Smartcards, X.509 certificate authentication, .NET Core, Xamarin, TLS 1.3, and much more (details). We also introduced a subscription plan that includes tools for every platform, delivers updates as they are released, and makes budgeting easy.

The response has been great. SecureBlackbox wrapped up 2017 with record numbers of new and returning customers. We are taking that momentum into 2018 and beyond. Along with many updates to SecureBlackbox 16, you will see a major new version with more support for modern Security and Internet Communication protocols. Here is some of what you can expect:

  • More support for TLS 1.3
  • More signature and cryptography algorithms, such as ED25519 and ED448
  • Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) client and server components
  • Trust-service Status Lists (TSL)
  • DNS requests over TLS and DTLS
  • DSS Core 1.0 and DSS Timestamp profiles

We look forward to keeping SecureBlackbox on the leading edge and serving your needs far into the future. Remember, active Subscription holders get everything we release. If you do not have a current SecureBlackbox Subscription, visit our online store for pricing information or contact sales@nsoftware.com.