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PDF: Customize the text of the PDF signature widget

The text in the signature widget can be generated automatically -- in this case, TElPDFSignatureWidgetProps.AutoText property should be set to True. In particular, automatically generated algorithm info will look like: "Algorithm/Key size", for example: "RSA/1024 bits".

If you want to set the text describing the signature manually, use the following properties of TElPDFSignatureWidgetProps class. Use Header property to specify the text of the widget's header. Use AlgorithmCaption and AlgorithmInfo properties to set algorithm's caption and any additional information about it that you want to be displayed. Use SignerCaption and SignerInfo properties to specify the corresponding information about the signer.

To display timestamp in the signature widget, set ShowTimestamp to True.

TitleFontSize, SectionTextFontSize, SectionTitleFontSize and TimestampFontSize properties define the font sizes of the corresponding sections of the widget. If you want to automatically set the font sizes, set AutoFontSize property to True. In this case, the following values will be assigned:

TitleFontSize = 8.77,
SectionTitleFontSize = 7,
SectionTextFontSize = 5,
TimestampFontSize = 4.89.

The standard unit of the symbol size in the default user space is 1/72 inch. In PDF 1.6 and later the size of this unit may be specified as greater than 1/72 inch by means of the UserUnit entry of the page dictionary.

Use of the unicode characters in the signature widget's text is described in the corresponding how-to article.

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