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Customize appearance and positioning of the signature widget

To specify the appearance settings of the signature widget, use the following properties of TElPDFSignatureWidgetProps class:

Use NoView property to specify, if the signature widget will be visible while viewing the document. When ToggleNoView is set to True, the widget will only be seen when mouse cursor is over it.

If you want the signature widget to be displayed/printed on all pages of the document, set ShowOnAllPages property to True.

To make the signature visible on pages of the printed version of the document, set Print property of the signature widget to True.

To specify, how the widget will interact with user, use the following properties:

If NoRotate is set to True, widget will not change its orientation while document is being rotated in browser. Similarly, widget will not change its dimensions if NoZoom is True.

If you don't want signature widget to be moved by user, set Locked property to True.

Position of the signature widget is specified by OffsetX and OffsetY properties which are counted from the left and bottom borders of the document, correspondingly. If AutoPos is True, position will be specified automatically in the upper right corner of the document.

Set AutoSize property to True in order to specify widget's size automatically. Otherwise, the dimensions will be taken from Height and Width properties.

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