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General notes

Please check What's New in this version.

All editions

Several new packages, namely LDAPBlackbox, MailBlackbox, WebDAVBlackbox and Distributed Cryptography add-on, have been added to the distribution. Packages can be purchased separately or as parts of SecureBlackbox Professional, Data Security and Transport packages.

Default value for SocketTimeout property in all socket-based components (TElHTTPSClient, TElSimpleSSLClient, TElSimpleSSHClient, TElSimpleSFTPClient) has been changed from 0 (system-default timeout, usually 2 hrs) to 60000 (60 seconds) This can affect your code if it works via pigeon mail or similar slow transports.

SMTP client has been excluded from SSLBlackbox client package and moved to a separate Mail package.

.NET Edition

SecureBlackbox.HTTPCommon assembly has been added. If you use HTTP client component (TElHTTPSClient), add this assembly to the list of assemblies that your project references and update your installation scripts.

Discuss this help topic in SecureBlackbox Forum