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General notes

Please check What's New in this version.

All editions

PreferKeepAlive and ForceKeepAliveIfNoConnectionHeaderIsPresent properties of TElHTTPSClient component have been replaced with smart KeepAlivePolicy property. This property can be kept in its default value unless you need to achieve some special behavior (such as disable keep-alives completely).
Now the cookies received from the server by default get RFC6265 format.

Change of TElSSLServer.OnCloseConnection event declaration reflecting unification of the OnCloseConnection declaration in the client-side and server-side components.
Change of TElSSLClient.OnCertificateStatus event declaration reflecting added support for multiple OCSP stapling (the last parameter is now TElList and not ByteArray).

Certificate cache in TElX509CertificateValidator is global now and all certificates (both valid and not valid) are stored there. The cache can be cleaned using TElX509CertificateValidator.ResetCertificateCache static (class) method.

Java edition

All event declarations with parameters of types TSBBoolean and TSBInteger have been changed.

C++ edition

PKCS#11 OnSlotEvent event is now always called in the context of the worker thread to avoid thread synchronization issues

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