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What's new in SecureBlackbox 13.0

The most significant new features and improvements are listed below. Besides the listed ones, there have been also introduced a number of other changes, compatibility improvements and fixes. The complete change list is available in the changes.txt file (the file is located in the folder, to which you installed SecureBlackbox, and is also available as a separate download from SecureBlackbox web site).

  1. General changes:
    • The cryptographic engine has been extended with Brainpool elliptic curves and DSA-SHA2 scheme.
    • Added support for ANSI X.923 padding to symmetric block ciphers
    • New SAMLBlackbox package that supports SAML authentication
    • Added support for XOAUTH2 SASL mechanism
    • Certificate validator component extended with internal validation process logging facility
    • [.NET] Added a separate set of assemblies targeting Windows Phone 8.1 platform

  2. OpenPGPBlackbox:
    • Added overloads to FindPublicKeyByID and FindSecretKeyByID methods of TElPGPKeyring to allow search using short text IDs (like 0xAB12CD56)
    • TElPGPWriter extended with PreserveFilePaths property that directs the component to preserve complete file paths when packing files to a TAR archive in EncryptFiles() and similar methods

  3. PKIBlackbox:
    • [.NET] PKCS#11 proxy DLLs have been added for Mono on Linux, MacOS X and Android.
    • [OS X] TElAppleCertStorage component has been added to access system certificates.

  4. ZIPBlackbox:
    • Added support for self-extracting archives

  5. HTTPBlackbox:
    • Large multipart form data can now be accessed as a stream in server side components

  6. SSLBlackbox:
    • Added support for new Camellia and PSK cipher suites, as per RFC 5489, 5932 and 6367
    • Implement multi-certificate stapling

  7. MailBlackbox:
    • Added support for delivery status notifications (DSN) to TElSMTPClient
    • Added support for OAuth 2 authentication protocol in TElSMTPClient component

  8. SSHBlackbox:
    • Added TElSimpleSSHServer component
    • Implemented Elliptic Curve Cryptography modes for secure key exchange (ECDH) and authentication (ECDSA)
    • Added support for private keys in PKCS#8 format
    • Added support for AES-GCM symmetric algorithms

  9. SFTPBlackbox:
    • Added TElSimpleSFTPServer component
    • Expressions are now supported in file masks in group file operations (UploadFiles, DownloadFiles, ListDirectory, RemoveFiles)
    • Added support for statvfs@openssh.com extension

  10. FTPSBlackbox:
    • Expressions are now supported in file masks in group file operations (UploadFiles, DownloadFiles, ListDirectory, RemoveFiles)

  11. MIMEBlackbox:
    • S/MIME components now support CAdES signatures (a separate license for PKI package is required)

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