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Starts dynamic archive creation.


    void BeginCompression(System.IO.Stream Destination);
    void BeginCompression(string Destination);

    Sub BeginCompression(ByVal Destination As System.IO.Stream)
    Sub BeginCompression(ByVal Destination As String)

    procedure BeginCompression(Destination : TStream);
    procedure BeginCompression(const Destination : string);

    void BeginCompression(TStream &Destination);
    void BeginCompression(TStream *Destination);
    void BeginCompression(const std::string &Destination);

    void BeginCompression(TStream $Destination)
    void BeginCompression(string $Destination)

    void beginCompression(TElStream Destination);
    void beginCompression(String Destination);


  • Destination - destination path or stream for the compressed data


    Use this method to start dynamic data compression. After calling this method, use method Add one or more times to add entries to the archive. After adding each entry, call UpdateCompression. Finally, call EndCompression.

See also:     Add     Compress     EndCompression     UpdateCompression    

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