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Extracts entry from the archive.


    void Extract(TElZipArchiveDirectoryEntry Entry, string OutputPath);
    void Extract(ArrayList Entries, string OutputPath);
    void Extract(string Mask, string OutputPath);

    Sub Extract(ByVal Entry As TElZipArchiveDirectoryEntry, ByVal OutputPath As String)
    Sub Extract(ByVal Entries As ArrayList, ByVal OutputPath As String)
    Sub Extract(ByVal Mask As String, ByVal OutputPath As String)

    procedure Extract(Entry : TElZipArchiveDirectoryEntry; const OutputPath : string);
    procedure Extract(Entries: TList; const OutputPath : string);
    procedure Extract(const Mask: string; const OutputPath : string);

    void Extract(TElZipArchiveDirectoryEntry &Entry, const std::string &OutputPath);
    void Extract(TElZipArchiveDirectoryEntry *Entry, const std::string &OutputPath);
    void Extract(TList &Entries, const std::string &OutputPath);
    void Extract(TList *Entries, const std::string &OutputPath);
    void Extract(const std::string &Mask, const std::string &OutputPath);

    void Extract(TElZipArchiveDirectoryEntry $Entry, string $OutputPath)
    void Extract(TList $Entries, string $OutputPath)
    void Extract(string $Mask, string $OutputPath)

    void extract(ArrayList Entries, String OutputPath);
    void extract(String Mask, String OutputPath);
    void extract(TElZipArchiveDirectoryEntry Entry, String OutputPath);


  • Entry - a single entry to be extracted.
  • Entries - multiple entries to be extracted.
  • OutputPath - path where the entry(es) must be extracted.
  • Mask - mask of the archive files.


    Use this method to extract data from the archive.
    Note, that OutputPath should exist before extraction, and be accessible for writing. If OutputPath is empty, ExtractionStream parameter of the entry will be used to output data. If this parameter is not assigned, OnExtractionStreamNeeded event will be fired.

See also:     OnProgress     OnExtractionStreamNeeded     ExtractionStream    

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