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Performs data transformation.


    short TransformData(byte[] Data);
    short TransformData(TElXMLDOMNode Node, TElXMLDOMNode Reference);
    short TransformData(TElXMLDOMNodeList Nodes, TElXMLDOMNode[] Reference);

    Function TransformData(ByVal Data As Byte()) As Short
    Function TransformData(ByVal Node As TElXMLDOMNode, ByVal Reference As TElXMLDOMNode) As Short
    Function TransformData(ByVal Nodes As TElXMLDOMNodeList, ByVal Reference As TElXMLDOMNode[]) As Short

    function TransformData(const Data : ByteArray) : TSBTransformedDataType; virtual;
    function TransformData(Node, Reference : TElXMLDOMNode) : TSBTransformedDataType; virtual;
    function TransformData(Nodes : TElXMLDOMNodeList; const Reference : array of TElXMLDOMNode) : TSBTransformedDataType; virtual;

    TSBTransformedDataType TransformData(const std::vector<uint8_t> &Data);
    TSBTransformedDataType TransformData(TElXMLDOMNode &Node, TElXMLDOMNode &Reference);
    TSBTransformedDataType TransformData(TElXMLDOMNode *Node, TElXMLDOMNode *Reference);
    TSBTransformedDataType TransformData(TElXMLDOMNodeList &Nodes, const std::vector<TElXMLDOMNodeHandle> &Reference);
    TSBTransformedDataType TransformData(TElXMLDOMNodeList *Nodes, const std::vector<TElXMLDOMNodeHandle> &Reference);

    integer TransformData(array of byte|string|NULL $Data)
    integer TransformData(TElXMLDOMNode $Node, TElXMLDOMNode $Reference)
    integer TransformData(TElXMLDOMNodeList $Nodes, array of TElXMLDOMNode|NULL &$Reference)

    short transformData(TElXMLDOMNode arg0, TElXMLDOMNode arg1);
    short transformData(TElXMLDOMNodeList arg0, TElXMLDOMNode[] arg1);
    short transformData(byte[] arg0);


  • Data - the binary data to be transformed
  • Node - the XML node to be transformed
  • Nodes - the XML node list to be transformed
  • Reference - a reference node for the node(s) to be transformed

Possible values:

Return value

    Returns the type of the data after transformation.


    Call this method to perform data transformation. The transformed data is available via one of the properties: TransformedData, TransformedNode, or TransformedNodes, depending on the result of the function.

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