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Returns the data for timestamping.


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    function GetIncludeData(CanonicalizationMethod : TElXMLCanonicalizationMethod) : ByteArray;

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  • CanonicalizationMethod - canonicalization method for the included data

Possible canonicalization methods:


    Call this method to get the data which should be used in hash computations for time-stamping. The data is calculated in the following way: if URIData is assigned, the result will be simply its value. Otherwise, if the URIReference is set, the data is obtained from the referenced place.
    If the retrieved data is a ds:Reference element and ReferencedData is True, the data will be processed according to the XMLDSIG processing model. If ReferencedData is False, the result will be a ds:Reference element itself.
    If the resulting data is an XML nodeset (or URINode is assigned), the data is canonicalized using CanonicalizationMethod.

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