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Specifies the timestamp tokens as an ASN.1 data objects.


    TElXMLEncapsulatedPKIDataList EncapsulatedTimestamps;

    Property EncapsulatedTimestamps As TElXMLEncapsulatedPKIDataList

    property EncapsulatedTimestamps: TElXMLEncapsulatedPKIDataList;

    TElXMLEncapsulatedPKIDataList* get_EncapsulatedTimestamps();

    TElXMLEncapsulatedPKIDataList get_EncapsulatedTimestamps()

    TElXMLEncapsulatedPKIDataList getEncapsulatedTimestamps();


    The timestamp token generated by the TSA can be either an ASN.1 data object (as defined in [TSP]), or it can be encoded as XML (use XMLTimestamps property). This property provides access to the list of encapsulated timestamps -- ASN.1 data objects.

See also:     XMLTimestamps     TimestampInfoCount    

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