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This property gets the parent of this node (for nodes that can have parents).


    TElXMLDOMNode ParentNode;

    Property ParentNode As TElXMLDOMNode

    property ParentNode : TElXMLDOMNode;

    TElXMLDOMNode* get_ParentNode();

    TElXMLDOMNode get_ParentNode()

    TElXMLDOMNode getParentNode();


    The TElXMLDOMNode that is the parent of the current node. If a node has just been created and not yet added to the tree, or if it has been removed from the tree, the parent is an empty (null/Nothing/nil) reference. For all other nodes, the value returned depends on the NodeType of the node.

    This table describes the possible return values for the ParentNode property:

See also:     NodeType    

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