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Searches for the child node with given name.


    TElXMLDOMNode FindNode(string aNodeName);
    TElXMLDOMNode FindNode(string aNodeName, bool Deep);

    Function FindNode(ByVal aNodeName As String) As TElXMLDOMNode
    Function FindNode(ByVal aNodeName As String, ByVal Deep As Boolean) As TElXMLDOMNode

    function FindNode(const aNodeName : WideString) : TElXMLDOMNode;
    function FindNode(const aNodeName : WideString; Deep : boolean) : TElXMLDOMNode;

    TElXMLDOMNodeHandle FindNode(const sb_u16string &aNodeName);
    TElXMLDOMNodeHandle FindNode(const std::wstring &aNodeName);
    TElXMLDOMNodeHandle FindNode(const sb_u16string &aNodeName, bool Deep);
    TElXMLDOMNodeHandle FindNode(const std::wstring &aNodeName, bool Deep);

    TElXMLDOMNode FindNode(string $aNodeName)
    TElXMLDOMNode FindNode(string $aNodeName, bool $Deep)

    TElXMLDOMNode findNode(String aNodeName);
    TElXMLDOMNode findNode(String aNodeName, boolean Deep);


  • aNodeName - A name of the child node to find.
  • Deep - If this parameter value is False the search will be performed only between child nodes; if it is set to True the search will be extended to the deepest level in the XML hierarchy.


    Use this method to find a child node with the given NodeName. This method searches only for direct children.

See also:     NodeName    

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