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Creates the entity declaration with given data.


    TElXMLDOMNode ImportNode(TElXMLDOMNode aNode, bool Deep);

    Function ImportNode(ByVal aNode As TElXMLDOMNode, ByVal Deep As Boolean) As TElXMLDOMNode

    function ImportNode(Data : TElXMLDOMNode; Deep : boolean) : TElXMLDOMNode;

    TElXMLDOMNodeHandle ImportNode(const TElXMLDOMNode &aNode, bool Deep);
    TElXMLDOMNodeHandle ImportNode(const TElXMLDOMNode *aNode, bool Deep);

    TElXMLDOMNode ImportNode(TElXMLDOMNode $aNode, bool $Deep)

    TElXMLDOMNode importNode(TElXMLDOMNode aNode, boolean Deep);


  • Node - A node, whose copy will be added to the document.
  • Deep - When this parameter is true, Node children are copied too. When the parameter is false, only the node itself is copied.
  • aNode - ...


    Use this method to create a copy of the node and add this copy to the XML document. The method returns a reference to the newly created node.

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