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TElXMLCustomDecryptionTransform class

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TElXMLCustomDecryptionTransform is a descendant of TElXMLTransform.


    The following paragraph was taken from the W3C Recommendation "Decryption Transform for XML Signature":

This transform supports two modes of operation. In XML mode the data is encrypted XML and the result of decryption is a node set. In binary mode the data is an encrypted octet sequence and the result of decryption is an octet sequence. In both modes, xenc:EncryptedData elements in the input node-set can be excluded from processing using dcrpt:Except elements. dcrpt:Except is defined below via XML Schema [XML-Schema] and appears as direct child elements of the ds:Transform element.

The REQUIRED URI attribute value of the dcrpt:Except element identifies xenc:EncryptedData elements within the input to the transform. The value MUST be a non-empty same-document [URI] reference (i.e., a number sign '#' character) followed by an XPointer expression [XPointer] as profiled by The Reference Processing Model [XML-Signature, section].

For the XML mode decryption transform use TElXMLDecryptionTransform. For the binary mode decryption transform use TElXMLBinaryDecryptionTransform. The dcrpt:Except element is represented by TElXMLDecryptionExcept.




Declared in

  • Namespace: SBXMLEnc
  • Assembly: SecureBlackbox.XMLSecurity
  • Unit: SBXMLEnc
  • Package: SecureBlackbox.XMLSecurity.jar
  • sbxmlenc.h

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