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Specifies the type of storage accessed via the component.


    TSBStorageType StorageType;

    Property StorageType As TSBStorageType

    property StorageType : TSBStorageType;

    TSBStorageType get_StorageType();
    void set_StorageType(TSBStorageType Value);

    integer get_StorageType()
    void set_StorageType(integer $Value)

    TSBStorageType getStorageType();
    void setStorageType(TSBStorageType Value);



    This property defines what storages the component will operate with. CryptoAPI lets one access system (logical) storages, storages in registry or storages via LDAP protocol. The list of LDAP addresses (URI's) should be specified in SystemStores property. When the storage is created with stMemory storage type, store names are not used, and temporary in-memory storage is created.

    The default value is stSystem.

See also:     PhysicalStores     SystemStores     AccessType    

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