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Specifies whether the complete certificate chain should be sent to the client instead of a single end-entity server certificate


    bool ForceCertificateChain;

    Property ForceCertificateChain As Boolean

    property ForceCertificateChain : boolean;

    bool get_ForceCertificateChain();
    void set_ForceCertificateChain(bool Value);

    bool get_ForceCertificateChain()
    void set_ForceCertificateChain(bool $Value)

    boolean getForceCertificateChain();
    void setForceCertificateChain(boolean Value);


    This property defines whether the server should send the complete certificate chain to the client. If this property is set to True, TElSSLServer tries to find the longest certificate chain in the storage specified by CertStorage property. If this chain is found, it is sent to the client. Otherwise, the first suitable end-entity certificate is sent.

See also:     CertStorage    

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