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This property specifies in which order the client should use different authentication types.


    TSBSSHAuthOrder SSHAuthOrder;

    Property SSHAuthOrder As TSBSSHAuthOrder

    property SSHAuthOrder : TSBSSHAuthOrder;

    TSBSSHAuthOrder get_SSHAuthOrder();
    void set_SSHAuthOrder(TSBSSHAuthOrder Value);

    integer get_SSHAuthOrder()
    void set_SSHAuthOrder(integer $Value)

    TSBSSHAuthOrder getSSHAuthOrder();
    void setSSHAuthOrder(TSBSSHAuthOrder Value);

TSBSSHAuthOrder values:


    Use this property to specify the order in which the client tries to authenticate using different types of authentication. If the value is aoCustom, the order is specified according to AuthTypePriorities.

See also:     AuthTypePriorities    

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