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Tells the server to notify the SSH client, that new connection was established to the server's listening port.


    void OpenServerForwarding(string Address, int Port, string SrcHost, int SrcPort, Object Data);

    Sub OpenServerForwarding(ByVal Address As String, ByVal Port As Integer, ByVal SrcHost As String, ByVal SrcPort As Integer, ByVal Data As Object)

    procedure OpenServerForwarding(const Address: string; Port : integer; const SrcHost: string; SrcPort: integer; Data: pointer = nil);

    void OpenServerForwarding(const std::string &Address, int32_t Port, const std::string &SrcHost, int32_t SrcPort, void * Data);

    void OpenServerForwarding(string $Address, integer $Port, string $SrcHost, integer $SrcPort, TSBPointer|array of byte|string|NULL $Data)

    void openServerForwarding(String Address, int Port, String SrcHost, int SrcPort, TObject Data);


  • Address - address of the host to which the client should forward the data received from the SSH-server via virtual channel.
  • Port - port on the Address host
  • SrcHost - host address or name of the client that connected to the server
  • SrcPort - port of the client, which connected to the server
  • Data - user data. If new virtual connection was established successfully its value is set to new connection's Data property.If error happened during connection establishing this value is sent to OnServerForwardingFailed event.


    Use this method if remote TCP forwarding is used, when new client has connected to the server's listening port. If the SSH client agrees to create virtual channel for TCP-data transfer from the server, the OnOpenServerForwarding event is fired. If SSH client declines forwarding request, OnServerForwardingFailed event is fired.

Note: the server must use this method only if remote forwarding was requested for the port with which the connection was established (OnServerForwardingRequest event was fired and Accept:=true was returned).

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