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This method adds the key to the server storage.


    Sub Add(ByVal Key As TElSSHKey, ByVal Attributes As TElSSHPublicKeyAttributes, ByVal Overwrite As Boolean)

    procedure Add(Key: TElSSHKey; Attributes : TElSSHPublicKeyAttributes = nil; Overwrite: boolean = true);

    void Add(TElSSHKey $Key, TElSSHPublicKeyAttributes $Attributes, bool $Overwrite)

    void add(TElSSHKey Key, TElSSHPublicKeyAttributes Attributes, boolean Overwrite);


  • Key - object initialized with public key material
  • Attributes - object that contains attributes associated with the key.Note that these attributes are taken into account only if protocol version is 2 or higher.If this parameter is nil/null default values will be set.
  • Overwrite - if this parameter is True and key already exists it will be overwritten.Actually only key attributes will be overwritten.


    Call this method to add public key to the server storage. Key object must be initialized with LoadPublicKey or Generate method. This method is asynchronous and returns execution to the program at once it was called. After the request was processed, the OnStatus event is fired which gets results of the method execution.

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