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Opens the session.


    TElPKCS11SessionInfo OpenSession(int SlotIndex, bool ReadOnly);

    Function OpenSession(ByVal SlotIndex As Integer, ByVal ReadOnly As Boolean) As TElPKCS11SessionInfo

    function OpenSession(SlotIndex: integer; ReadOnly: boolean): TElPKCS11SessionInfo;

    TElPKCS11SessionInfoHandle OpenSession(int32_t SlotIndex, bool ReadOnly);

    TElPKCS11SessionInfo OpenSession(integer $SlotIndex, bool $ReadOnly)

    not available


  • SlotIndex - index of the slot in the list.
  • ReadOnly - specifies whether the session is read-only.

Return value

    Information about newly opened session.


    Opens the connection between an application and a particular token.

See also:     CloseAllSessions     CloseSession    

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