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This property contains the instruction sent by the server during keyboard-interactive authentication.


    string KbdIntInstruction;

    Property KbdIntInstruction As String

    property KbdIntInstruction : string;

    void get_KbdIntInstruction(std::string &OutResult);

    string get_KbdIntInstruction()

    String getKbdIntInstruction();


    Use this read-only property to get the "instruction" string which is sent by the server when authentication is performed using keyboard-interactive method.
    During keyboard-interactive authentication server sends to client some textual instructions in a form of two strings: "name" and "instruction". The client must follow these instructions to succeed authentication. For example: "name" = "Welcome to authentication", "instruction" = "Please, enter your password". The "name" string is specified by KbdIntName property.

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