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This property contains the reference to the instance of TElSSHTunnelList class


    TElSSHTunnelList TunnelList;

    Property TunnelList As TElSSHTunnelList

    property TunnelList : TElSSHTunnelList;

    TElSSHTunnelList* get_TunnelList();
    void set_TunnelList(TElSSHTunnelList &Value);
    void set_TunnelList(TElSSHTunnelList *Value);

    TElSSHTunnelList get_TunnelList()
    void set_TunnelList(TElSSHTunnelList $Value)

    not available


    Set this property before calling the Open method. This property should contain the instance of TElSSHTunnelList class. The required tunnels must be added to this class before opening the SSH connection. During negotiation process SSH client will try to establish a logical connection for each tunnel from TunnelList.

See also:     TElSSHTunnelList    

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