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This property specifies the terminal properties which will be used during shell execution


    TElTerminalInfo TerminalInfo;

    Property TerminalInfo As TElTerminalInfo

    property TerminalInfo : TElTerminalInfo;

    TElTerminalInfo* get_TerminalInfo();
    void set_TerminalInfo(TElTerminalInfo &Value);
    void set_TerminalInfo(TElTerminalInfo *Value);

    TElTerminalInfo get_TerminalInfo()
    void set_TerminalInfo(TElTerminalInfo $Value)

    TElTerminalInfo getTerminalInfo();
    void setTerminalInfo(TElTerminalInfo Value);


    This property may contain the reference to an instance of TElTerminalInfo class with required set of terminal properties.

See also:     Environment     RequestTerminal    

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