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This method receives a string of data through the logical connection


    void ReceiveText(out string Text, out string StdErrText);
    string ReceiveText();

    Sub ReceiveText(Out Text As String, Out StdErrText As String)
    Function ReceiveText() As String

    procedure ReceiveText(var Text : string; var StdErrText : string); overload;
    function ReceiveText : string; overload;

    void ReceiveText(std::string &Text, std::string &StdErrText);
    void ReceiveText(std::string &OutResult);

    void ReceiveText(string &$Text, string &$StdErrText)
    string ReceiveText()

    void receiveText(TSBString Text, TSBString StdErrText);
    String receiveText();


  • Text - data string
  • StdErrText - data string for stderr descriptor


    Use ReceiveText to receive a string data through the logical connection.

See also:     ReceiveData     SendText    

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