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Requests available space on SFTP server.


    void QueryAvailableSpace(string Path, TElSftpSpaceAvailableReply AvailSpace);

    Sub QueryAvailableSpace(ByVal Path As String, ByVal AvailSpace As TElSftpSpaceAvailableReply)

    procedure QueryAvailableSpace(const Path: string; AvailSpace : TElSftpSpaceAvailableReply);

    void QueryAvailableSpace(const std::string &Path, TElSftpSpaceAvailableReply &AvailSpace);
    void QueryAvailableSpace(const std::string &Path, TElSftpSpaceAvailableReply *AvailSpace);

    void QueryAvailableSpace(string $Path, TElSftpSpaceAvailableReply $AvailSpace)

    void queryAvailableSpace(String Path, TElSftpSpaceAvailableReply AvailSpace);


  • Path - path to the desired directory
  • AvailSpace - an initialized object into which information about available space will be placed


    Use this method to request available storage space on SFTP server.
    In case of error, EElSFTPError exception containing SFTP error code, is raised. For more information on error handling, please read the corresponding how-to article.

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