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Specifies if implicit SSL mode is used.


    bool ImplicitSSL;

    Property ImplicitSSL As Boolean

    property ImplicitSSL : boolean;

    bool get_ImplicitSSL();
    void set_ImplicitSSL(bool Value);

    bool get_ImplicitSSL()
    void set_ImplicitSSL(bool $Value)

    boolean getImplicitSSL();
    void setImplicitSSL(boolean Value);


    Use this property to specify if explicit or implicit SSL mode should be used to establish secure connection to server. In explicit mode, the client connects to the generic FTP port (21), and then sends AUTH command. In implicit mode, the connection is established to the dedicated port (usually 990), and immediately starts SSL negotiation (without sending AUTH command).
    Default value is False (explicit SSL mode).

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