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Creates new directory on the server.


    void MakeDir(string Path);

    Sub MakeDir(ByVal Path As String)

    procedure MakeDir(const Path: string);

    void MakeDir(const std::string &Path);

    void MakeDir(string $Path)

    void makeDir(String Path);


  • Path - new directory path (absolute or relative)


    This method causes the specified directory to be created as a directory (if the path is absolute) or as a subdirectory of the current working directory (if the path is relative).

    Note that this method is quite low-level doesn't create parent directories if they don't exist. If you need to create a complete path (i.e. some of parent directories and the desired directory), use CreateCompletePath method.

See also:     Cwd     CDUp     CreateCompletePath     GetCurrentDir     RemoveDir    

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