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This event is fired when the status of the server certificate is received from OCSP server.


    event TSBCertificateStatusEvent OnCertificateStatus;
    delegate void TSBCertificateStatusEvent(Object Sender, TSBCertificateStatusType StatusType, ArrayList Data);

    Event OnCertificateStatus As TSBCertificateStatusEvent
    Delegate Sub TSBCertificateStatusEvent(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal StatusType As TSBCertificateStatusType, ByVal Data As ArrayList)

    property OnCertificateStatus : TSBCertificateStatusEvent;
    TSBCertificateStatusEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; StatusType : TSBCertificateStatusType; const Data : ByteArray) of object;

    void get_OnCertificateStatus(TSBCertificateStatusEvent &pMethodOutResult, void * &pDataOutResult);
    void set_OnCertificateStatus(TSBCertificateStatusEvent pMethodValue, void * pDataValue);
    typedef void (SB_CALLBACK *TSBCertificateStatusEvent)(void * _ObjectData, TObjectHandle Sender, TSBCertificateStatusTypeRaw StatusType, TListHandle Data);

    TSBCertificateStatusEvent|callable|NULL get_OnCertificateStatus()
    void set_OnCertificateStatus(TSBCertificateStatusEvent|callable|NULL $Value)
    callable TSBCertificateStatusEvent(TObject $Sender, integer $StatusType, TList $Data)

    TSBCertificateStatusEvent getOnCertificateStatus();
    void setOnCertificateStatus(TSBCertificateStatusEvent Value);
    TSBCertificateStatusEvent.Callback OnCertificateStatus = new TSBCertificateStatusEvent.Callback() {
        public void TSBCertificateStatusEventCallback(TObject Sender, TSBCertificateStatusType StatusType, ArrayList Data) {


  • StatusType - Specifies the status of the certificate.
  • Data - Contains reply from OCSP server.

Possible values:


    This event is fired when the OCSP status responce for the server certificate is received from OCSP server via remote SSL server. The event is fired, if TElCertificateStatusSSLExtension extension was used. Use TElOCSPClient methods to handle the reply.

See also:     TElCertificateStatusSSLExtension     TElOCSPClient    

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