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TElRemotePortForwardSSHTunnel     See also     

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This property specifies the host to which the client will forward the data after receiving it from secure channel


    string ToHost;

    Property ToHost As String

    property ToHost : string;

    void get_ToHost(std::string &OutResult);
    void set_ToHost(const std::string &Value);

    string get_ToHost()
    void set_ToHost(string $Value)

    String getToHost();
    void setToHost(String AValue);


    This property should specify the host where data would be forwarded after receiving through secure channel from the server.

     Note,  that this property is a fiction in some sense. Neither TElRemotePortForwardSSHTunnel nor TElSSHClient don't deal with TCP ports. You may specify the nonvalid, non-existing host name, and even write data to file instead of forwarding it to the specified host. This property must be assigned only by internal requirements of SSH protocol.

See also:     Port     ToPort    

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