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Tells whether the algorithm is supported by one of registered classes.


    bool IsAlgorithmSupported(byte[] OID);
    bool IsAlgorithmSupported(int Alg);

    Function IsAlgorithmSupported(ByVal OID As Byte()) As Boolean
    Function IsAlgorithmSupported(ByVal Alg As Integer) As Boolean

    function IsAlgorithmSupported(OID: AnsiString) : boolean;
    function IsAlgorithmSupported(OID: Integer) : boolean;

    bool IsAlgorithmSupported(const std::vector<uint8_t> &OID);
    bool IsAlgorithmSupported(int32_t Alg);

    bool IsAlgorithmSupported(array of byte|string|NULL $OID)
    bool IsAlgorithmSupported(integer $Alg)

    boolean isAlgorithmSupported(byte[] OID);
    boolean isAlgorithmSupported(int Alg);


  • OID - Well-known OID (Object ID) of the algorithm
  • Alg - SecureBlackbox-defined identifier of the algorithm


     Use this method to find out, if at least one of registered cryptography classes supports specified algorithm. You can use CreateInstance method to create an instance of the cryptography class which supports specified algorithm.

See also:     CreateInstance     RegisteredClasses     RegisterClass    

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