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Enables or disables specific SASL authorization method


    bool SASLMechanism[string Name];

    Property SASLMechanism(ByVal Name As String) As Boolean

    property SASLMechanism[Name : string] : boolean;

    bool get_SASLMechanism(const std::string &Name);
    void set_SASLMechanism(const std::string &Name, bool Value);

    bool get_SASLMechanism(string $Name)
    void set_SASLMechanism(string $Name, bool $Value)

    boolean getSASLMechanism(String Name);
    void setSASLMechanism(String Name, boolean Value);


  • Name - the name of the mechanism that is to be enabled or disabled.
  • Value - specifies whether the desired authorization method should be enabled or disabled


    Use this property to enable or disable specific SASL authorization mechanism.

See also:     SASLMechanismPriorities    

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