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Retrieves message headers from the server


    int ReceiveMessageHeader(int Index, ref string Charset, bool IgnoreNativeCharset, out TElMessageHeader Header);

    Function ReceiveMessageHeader(ByVal Index As Integer, ByRef Charset As String, ByVal IgnoreNativeCharset As Boolean, Out Header As TElMessageHeader) As Integer

    function ReceiveMessageHeader(Index: integer; Charset: string; IgnoreNativeCharset: boolean; Header: TElMessageHeader) : integer;

    int32_t ReceiveMessageHeader(int32_t Index, std::string &Charset, bool IgnoreNativeCharset, TElMessageHeader &Header);

    integer ReceiveMessageHeader(integer $Index, string &$Charset, bool $IgnoreNativeCharset, TElMessageHeader &$Header)

    int receiveMessageHeader(int Index, TSBString Charset, boolean IgnoreNativeCharset, TSBObject HeaderRef);


  • Index - index of the message to receive
  • Charset - charset of the header
  • IgnoreNativeCharset - specifies what charset must be applied to the message header.
    True - the one specified in Charset
    False - the one specified in the message (if present) or specified in Charset if there is no charset specified in the message.
  • Header - on return contains a created reference to the parsed message.
  • HeaderRef -

Return value

    Returns 0 (EL_OK) on success, 1 (EL_WARNING) if source data contains byte sequences illegal for given charsets and error code in other cases.


    Call this method to retrieve the message header from the server and parse it.

See also:     GetMessageSize     ReceiveMessage    

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