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Deletes an object from the list.


    void RemoveObject(uint Handle);
    void RemoveObject(TElPKCS11ManagerObject AnObject);
    void RemoveObject(int Index);

    Sub RemoveObject(ByVal Handle As UInt32)
    Sub RemoveObject(ByVal AnObject As TElPKCS11ManagerObject)
    Sub RemoveObject(ByVal Index As Integer)

    procedure RemoveObject(AnObject : TElPKCS11ManagerObject);
    procedure RemoveObject(Handle : CK_OBJECT_HANDLE);
    procedure RemoveObject(Index : integer);
    CK_OBJECT_HANDLE = LongWord;

    void RemoveObject(uint32_t Handle);
    void RemoveObject(TElPKCS11ManagerObject &AnObject);
    void RemoveObject(TElPKCS11ManagerObject *AnObject);
    void RemoveObject(int32_t Index);

    void RemoveObject(integer $Handle)
    void RemoveObject(TElPKCS11ManagerObject $AnObject)
    void RemoveObject(integer $Index)

    void removeObject(long Handle);
    void removeObject(TElPKCS11ManagerObject AnObject);


  • AnObject - the object to be deleted
  • Handle - handle of the object to be deleted
  • Index - index of the object to be deleted


    Use this method to remove one of the Cryptoki objects.

See also:     AddObject     Objects    

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