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Contains data for hash generation.


    TElPGPHashingPool HashingPool;

    Property HashingPool As TElPGPHashingPool

    property HashingPool : TElPGPHashingPool;

    TElPGPHashingPool* get_HashingPool();
    void set_HashingPool(TElPGPHashingPool &Value);
    void set_HashingPool(TElPGPHashingPool *Value);

    TElPGPHashingPool get_HashingPool()
    void set_HashingPool(TElPGPHashingPool $Value)

    TElPGPHashingPool getHashingPool();
    void setHashingPool(TElPGPHashingPool Value);


    This property contains data that is used when hash must be calculated.
    TElPGPHashingPool type is used for calculating hash from clear data. Such hash is used for signature verification. TElPGPHashingPool has basic interface for hash calculation using several algorithms.

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