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TElPGPStream class

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This is the base class for a set of PGP stream classes.


    This is the parent class for the following classes:

    Do not create instances of these class directly. Descendant classes implement specific functionality and override the methods, introduced in TElPGPStream class.
    Descendants of TElPGPStream class work in asynchronous way. This means that every method of these classes returns immediately after a call to it.
    TElPGPStream descendants can be used to process data of any length. The data are processed chunk by chunk. Call the Process method to start processing a file. Then call DataAvailable method consequently, until the OnFinish event is fired. Each call of DataAvailable method causes the corresponding OnRead event to be fired. Set Last parameter inside this event handler to True if the end of incoming data stream is reached. The resulting data is passed to OnWrite event handler. The resulting data should be written to a file or passed to the next TElPGPStream.
    Usually, PGP messages are created by using a number of consequtive stream operations. E.g. the data are enveloped first (enveloping is the mandatory operation, it should be done independently of further operations and before any other operation is done), then the resulting data are compressed and, finally, encrypted using public key. SecureBlackbox allows you to create such nesting "on the fly" using PassTo property. This property specifies the TElPGPStream descendant, to which output data should be passed to. On other words, you can create a chain of PGP streams, set up their parameters and then start processing. In this case you don't need to manually handle all intermediate OnRead and OnWrite events.




Declared in

  • Namespace: SBPGPStreams
  • Assembly: SecureBlackbox.PGP
  • Unit: SBPGPStreams
  • Package: SecureBlackbox.PGP.jar
  • sbpgpstreams.h

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