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The validity period of the signature.


    int ExpirationTime;

    Property ExpirationTime As Integer

    property ExpirationTime: Integer;

    int32_t get_ExpirationTime();
    void set_ExpirationTime(int32_t Value);

    integer get_ExpirationTime()
    void set_ExpirationTime(integer $Value)

    int getExpirationTime();
    void setExpirationTime(int Value);


    This property contains the number of seconds after which the signature will expire. The time is counted from the signature's creation time. The date and time are stored and retrieved in Universal Coordinate Time (UTC).
    If the value is 0, the signature will never expire.
    This property is mapped to TElPGPExpirationTimeSignatureSubpacket for version 4 signatures.

See also:     CreationTime    

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