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Adds a public key to the key ring.


    int AddPublicKey(TElPGPPublicKey Key);

    Function AddPublicKey(ByVal Key As TElPGPPublicKey) As Integer

    function AddPublicKey(Key : TElPGPPublicKey) : integer;

    int32_t AddPublicKey(TElPGPPublicKey &Key);
    int32_t AddPublicKey(TElPGPPublicKey *Key);

    integer AddPublicKey(TElPGPPublicKey $Key)

    int addPublicKey(TElPGPPublicKey Key);


  • Key - public key to be added.

Return value

    Index of the newly added key.


    Use this method when you need to add new public key to key ring. The key is added to key ring with all the corresponding subkeys, signatures and user-ids.
    If such key is already present in the keyring only new information (signatures, subkeys, UserID) will be added.
    Key is copied during adding so Key instance can be freed after call to this method.

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