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Revokes a signature.


    Sub Revoke(ByVal Key As TElPGPCustomPublicKey, ByVal Signature As TElPGPSignature)
    Sub Revoke(ByVal Key As TElPGPPublicKey, ByVal User As TElPGPCustomUser, ByVal Signature As TElPGPSignature, ByVal RevokedSignature As TElPGPSignature)

    procedure Revoke(Key : TElPGPCustomPublicKey; Signature : TElPGPSignature);
    procedure Revoke(Key : TElPGPPublicKey; User : TElPGPCustomUser; Signature : TElPGPSignature; RevokedSignature : TElPGPSignature = nil); overload;


  • Key - subkey to be revoked
  • Signature - revocation signature will be placed here
  • RevokedSignature - signature to be revoked
  • User - the TElPGPUserIDor TElPGPUserAttr object that specifies the owner of the PublicKey


    Use this method to revoke a key/subkey binding or user/key certification.

See also:     Sign     DirectRevoke    

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