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Starts asynchronous "prepare for signing" operation.


    void PrepareForSigning(bool MultiUse);

    Sub PrepareForSigning(ByVal MultiUse As Boolean)

    procedure PrepareForSigning(MultiUse : boolean = false); virtual;

    void PrepareForSigning(bool MultiUse);

    void PrepareForSigning(bool $MultiUse)

    void prepareForSigning(boolean MultiUse);


  • MultiUse - specifies if the prepared key should be reused for consequent signing operations.If MultiUse is False, the key should be prepared explicitly before each signing operation.If MultiUse is True, the prepared key can be reused for several consequent operations.
    Note, that use of the same key for a large number of cryptooperations is not recommended due to possible security leak.


    Use this method to start asynchronous signature pre-computation operation. This method performs time-consuming parts of signing operation asynchronously.

See also:     CancelPreparation    

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