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Specifies hash algorithm for the MDP signature.


    TSBPDFDigestMethod MDPHashAlgorithm;

    Property MDPHashAlgorithm As TSBPDFDigestMethod

    property MDPHashAlgorithm: TSBPDFDigestMethod;

    TSBPDFDigestMethod get_MDPHashAlgorithm();
    void set_MDPHashAlgorithm(TSBPDFDigestMethod Value);

    integer get_MDPHashAlgorithm()
    void set_MDPHashAlgorithm(integer $Value)

    short getMDPHashAlgorithm();
    void setMDPHashAlgorithm(short Value);



    Use this property to specify the hash algorithm used with MDP (certification) signature. The default value is dmMD5. Use of this property makes sense only when SignatureType is stMDP.
    Please note that neither signing nor verification of MDP signatures made over the PDF document with templates is supported. If you attempt to sign or verify such document, exception is risen.

See also:     SignatureType    

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