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Adds items to the list.


    int Add(TElOpenOfficeXMLManifestFileEntry AFileEntry);
    int Add(string FullPath, string MediaType);

    Function Add(ByVal AFileEntry As TElOpenOfficeXMLManifestFileEntry) As Integer
    Function Add(ByVal FullPath As String, ByVal MediaType As String) As Integer

    function Add(AFileEntry : TElOpenOfficeXMLManifestFileEntry) : integer;
    function Add(const FullPath, MediaType : WideString) : integer;

    int32_t Add(TElOpenOfficeXMLManifestFileEntry &AFileEntry);
    int32_t Add(TElOpenOfficeXMLManifestFileEntry *AFileEntry);
    int32_t Add(const sb_u16string &FullPath, const sb_u16string &MediaType);
    int32_t Add(const std::wstring &FullPath, const std::wstring &MediaType);

    integer Add(TElOpenOfficeXMLManifestFileEntry $AFileEntry)
    integer Add(string $FullPath, string $MediaType)

    int add(TElOpenOfficeXMLManifestFileEntry AFileEntry);
    int add(String FullPath, String MediaType);


  • AFileEntry - the file-entry to be added
  • FullPath - specifies full path to the desired entry
  • MediaType - specifies the media type of the entry

Return value

    Returns the index of the newly added element in the list.


    Use this method to add file entries to the Manifest.

See also:     Delete     Insert     FileEntries    

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