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Inserts the entry to the desired position in the signed entries list.


    void InsertSignedEntry(int Index, TElOpenOfficeSignedEntry Entry);

    Sub InsertSignedEntry(ByVal Index As Integer, ByVal Entry As TElOpenOfficeSignedEntry)

    procedure InsertSignedEntry(Index : integer; Entry : TElOpenOfficeSignedEntry);

    void InsertSignedEntry(int32_t Index, TElOpenOfficeSignedEntry &Entry);
    void InsertSignedEntry(int32_t Index, TElOpenOfficeSignedEntry *Entry);

    void InsertSignedEntry(integer $Index, TElOpenOfficeSignedEntry $Entry)

    void insertSignedEntry(int Index, TElOpenOfficeSignedEntry Entry);


  • Index - the index where to insert the part
  • Entry - the part to be inserted


    Use this method to insert the entry to the list of signed entries.

See also:     AddSignedEntry     SignedEntries    

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