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Adds signature to the document.


    int AddSignature(TElOpenOfficeCustomSignatureHandler Handler);
    int AddSignature(TElOpenOfficeCustomSignatureHandler Handler, bool OwnHandler);

    Function AddSignature(ByVal Handler As TElOpenOfficeCustomSignatureHandler) As Integer
    Function AddSignature(ByVal Handler As TElOpenOfficeCustomSignatureHandler, ByVal OwnHandler As Boolean) As Integer

    function AddSignature(Handler : TElOpenOfficeCustomSignatureHandler) : integer;
    function AddSignature(Handler : TElOpenOfficeCustomSignatureHandler; OwnHandler : boolean) : integer;

    int32_t AddSignature(TElOpenOfficeCustomSignatureHandler &Handler);
    int32_t AddSignature(TElOpenOfficeCustomSignatureHandler *Handler);
    int32_t AddSignature(TElOpenOfficeCustomSignatureHandler &Handler, bool OwnHandler);
    int32_t AddSignature(TElOpenOfficeCustomSignatureHandler *Handler, bool OwnHandler);

    integer AddSignature(TElOpenOfficeCustomSignatureHandler $Handler)
    integer AddSignature(TElOpenOfficeCustomSignatureHandler $Handler, bool $OwnHandler)

    int addSignature(TElOpenOfficeCustomSignatureHandler Handler);
    int addSignature(TElOpenOfficeCustomSignatureHandler Handler, boolean OwnHandler);


  • Handler - security handler to be used for signing
  • OwnHandler - specifies if the security handler is owned by the document. If this parameter is False or omitted, user should take care of handler object disposal.

Return value

    Returns number of the newly added security handler in the list.


    Use this method to add signature to the document.

See also:     RemoveSignature     Signable     SignatureHandlers    

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