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Performs search in OneDrive.


    void Search(string Query, TElDataStorageObjectList Objects);

    Sub Search(ByVal Query As String, ByVal Objects As TElDataStorageObjectList)

    procedure Search(const Query: string; Objects: TElDataStorageObjectList);

    void Search(const std::string &Query, TElDataStorageObjectList &Objects);
    void Search(const std::string &Query, TElDataStorageObjectList *Objects);

    void Search(string $Query, TElDataStorageObjectList $Objects)

    void search(String Query, TElDataStorageObjectList Objects);


  • Query - the search query which is sent to the OneDrive.
  • Objects - the list of objects returned by OneDrive as a result.


    Use this method to perform search in the remote storage.

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