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Searches the list by the relationship type.


    TElOfficeOpenXMLRelationship GetRelationshipByType(string RelType);

    Function GetRelationshipByType(ByVal RelType As String) As TElOfficeOpenXMLRelationship

    function GetRelationshipByType(const RelType) : TElOfficeOpenXMLRelationship;

    TElOfficeOpenXMLRelationshipHandle GetRelationshipByType(const sb_u16string &RelType);
    TElOfficeOpenXMLRelationshipHandle GetRelationshipByType(const std::wstring &RelType);

    TElOfficeOpenXMLRelationship GetRelationshipByType(string $RelType)

    TElOfficeOpenXMLRelationship getRelationshipByType(String RelType);


  • RelType - specifies the type of the desired relationship

Return value

    Returns the desired relationship object if it exists in the list. If the relationship does not exist in the list, returns null/nil/Nothing.


    Use this method to get the desired relationship by its type.

See also:     GetRelationshipById     Relationships    

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