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This method generates a signature.


    void Sign(TElX509Certificate Certificate);
    void Sign(TElX509Certificate Certificate, bool EmbedCertificate);
    void Sign(TElCustomCertStorage CertStorage);
    void Sign(TElXMLKeyInfoData KeyData, short SignatureMethod, bool EmbedKeyInSignature);

    Sub Sign(ByVal Certificate As TElX509Certificate)
    Sub Sign(ByVal Certificate As TElX509Certificate, ByVal EmbedCertificate As Boolean)
    Sub Sign(ByVal CertStorage As TElCustomCertStorage)
    Sub Sign(ByVal KeyData As TElXMLKeyInfoData, ByVal SignatureMethod As Short, ByVal EmbedKeyInSignature As Boolean)

    procedure Sign(Certificate : TElX509Certificate);
    procedure Sign(Certificate : TElX509Certificate; EmbedCertificate : boolean);
    procedure Sign(CertStorage : TElCustomCertStorage);
    procedure Sign(KeyData : TElXMLKeyInfoData; SignatureMethod : TElXMLSignatureMethod; EmbedKeyInSignature : boolean);

    void Sign(TElX509Certificate $Certificate)
    void Sign(TElX509Certificate $Certificate, bool $EmbedCertificate)
    void Sign(TElCustomCertStorage $CertStorage)
    void Sign(TElXMLKeyInfoData $KeyData, integer $SignatureMethod, bool $EmbedKeyInSignature)


  • CertStorage - the storage with signing certificates
  • Certificate - signing certificate
  • EmbedCertificate - set this parameter to True to embed the certificate in the signature
  • EmbedKeyInSignature - set this parameter to True to embed the key in the signature
  • KeyData - contains XML key data
  • SignatureMethod - specifies signature method

SignatureMethod Values:


    Call this method to produce a signature over the document.

See also:     PrepareForSigning     Validate    

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