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Performs request to the server.


    int PerformRequest(ref TElOCSPServerError ServerResult, ref byte[] Reply);

    Function PerformRequest(ByRef ServerResult As TElOCSPServerError, ByRef Reply As Byte()) As Integer

    function PerformRequest(var ServerResult : TElOCSPServerError; var Reply : ByteArray) : integer; virtual;

    int32_t PerformRequest(TElOCSPServerError &ServerResult, std::vector<uint8_t> &Reply);

    integer PerformRequest(integer &$ServerResult, array of byte|string &$Reply)

    int performRequest(TElOCSPServerResultWithReply ServerReply);


  • ServerResult - result of server processing the request
  • Reply - raw data reply
  • ServerReply -

Return value

    0 on success;
    Error otherwise.

Possible errors values:

TElOCSPServerError values


    This method is virtual, it should be used in descendant classes only. It creates a request, transfers it to the server, then retrieves and processes the reply, and returns the result.

See also:     CreateRequest     ProcessReply    

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